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We were voted Boise's Favorite Place to Buy a Gift - Handcrafted fair trade gifts from around the world!

Dunia is a beautiful word that means “World” or “Earth” in several languages.

Dunia Marketplace is a non-profit organization that provides vital, fair income to marginalized artisans from economically developing countries. We do this by marketing and selling their handicrafts and sharing their stories. The income artisans receive helps pay for food, education, health care and housing. Additional funds also go to community identified priorities. This approach is one of the principles fair trade.

Dunia’s is also an educational organization. We spread awareness the fair trade difference through public speaking, off site educational events, in store field trips, and community shopping programs. Our purchasing power has impact! Buying fair trade creates sustainable jobs that are safe for workers and the environment. It provides investment in education, health, and safe communities around the world.

A strong base of committed volunteers and incorporating items from local refugee groups tie Dunia Fair Trade Marketplace to the local community.

Dunia Marketplace has been an active Boise business since 1995!  We were originally founded as a 10,000 Villages store in Hyde Park, becoming an independent non-profit, Dunia Marketplace, in 2009. This independence has allowed us to continue our global efforts while supporting local refugee and Indigenous artisans, and other local non-profits. But we still have strong ties to our roots, and you will see many items sourced from 10,000 Villages in our store.